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Big C Construction is here to help you with any storm-related damage to your property whether that’s hail damage, shingle bruises, dented window cladding or exterior damage. From the first inspection to the final walkthrough of your project, we are the experts in making sure your insurance litigation gets taken care of. We can partner with your insurance company and maximize your benefits.

Storm Related Damage Service Steps

  1. Inspection
  2. Meet with Insurance Rep onsite
  3. Review Insurance Summary
  4. Material Selection
  5. Project Planning
  6. Final Inspection
  7. Project Review

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Exterior materials susceptible to storm damage.

Window Exteriors
After a hail storm its common for your exterior cladding to be damaged. Which can lead to broken seals, moisture intrusion, inefficient performance and eventually rot.

Roofing System
Your roofing system is the frontline protection for your home. With that said over the years it can take a beating. Leaving behind bruises and dimples from impact, wind damage, and loss of granules. This is the type of damage that compromises the longevity of your roofing system, it also happens to be the type of damage covered by your insurance policy.

Siding & Gutters
Many believe the damage occurred to siding and gutters is just aesthetic. However storm damage will depreciate the value to our home. Just the same as if your vehicle was impacted by hail.

Call or setup a complimentary post-storm inspection. Let our us be your silver lining or we are the calm after the storm.

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