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We are the premier concrete contractor in the Lincoln/Omaha areas.

Big C’s can facility any concrete project you desire. With 45 years of experience in the industry, we are tried and we are true. From a stamped concrete patios to a smooth, beautiful, everlasting driveway we’ve got you covered!

Big C’s is a full service concrete contracting company. Our projects include driveways, as described above, floors, patios, basements and foundation walls. From new construction to restoration, we will work with you to design and execute your vision.

What is stamped concrete? Stamped concrete is imprinted concrete, we use rubber stamps designed from “real stone” molds to imprint the concrete to resemble natural brick, slate, cobblestone, tile, and even wood planks.

Our decorative colors and stamped concrete patterns look natural, authentic, and can be designed to easily blend with any existing stone, tile, or patterned concrete.

Various Concrete Flatwork Options

  1. Patios
  2. Ramps
  3. Driveways
  4. Dumpster Pads
  5. Sidewalks

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Factors to Consider

Let’s review the three largest factors in flatwork cost.

Obviously the larger the job, the larger overall costs, but not necessarily per square foot. Like anything else, the bigger the job the more likely you can score a volume discount or not pay as much per square foot as a smaller, more detailed job.

Quality of Concrete
Not all concrete is created equally. Like any other building material concrete comes in different qualities for different needs and budgets. Cheap builder-grade concrete will be less expensive than premium concrete, but it won’t last as long.

There are several finishing options for flatwork including colors, patterns of stamped concrete, specialty sealants, and more. The more ‘finished’ your concrete, aka the more work that’s done to it after it’s poured, the more you’ll be expected to pay per square foot. Also, finishing concrete is an art requiring the surface to be finished within a certain time-frame from when the concrete left the concrete plant.

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