Big C Construction


Big C Construction’s staff is trained in both construction management and claim facilitation. This allows them to effectively navigate their way from any storm-related incident to the complete restoration of your property. This begins with an accurate assessment of your property. Our project managers will provide a free, thorough inspection of your roof; siding; windows; gutters; vents; soffit; fascia.

Upon completion of the inspection of our project manager will go over in detail the damage sustained to your property. They will explain to you the claims process and each party’s role within it start to finish.

Once your claim has been resolved it is time to plan your restoration project. Our project manager will meet with you on-site to discuss building materials and the construction schedule. Our installers will meet with project managers and verify with vendors to ensure the accuracy in ordering of supplies. Your project will begin the day that your materials are delivered to your property. Our crews will work diligently at full capacity to complete your project within the timeline initially promised.

When install is complete our project manager will once again visit the home to ensure the specifications of the contract have been met.

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