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The roofing installation can be intrusive, however at Big C Construction’s we take precautionary steps for your peace of mind.

Step 1. Your Materials Arrive
The day before your project begins, the roofing products you have chosen will be dropped off on a predetermined location in your driveway. The day of installation a dumpster will be provided to gather the waste from your existing roof.

Step 2. Protection of Windows and Plants
Safeguarding your landscaping and home’s exterior is important to us. Shielding your windows and tarping your plants is critical. Insuring your landscaping and exterior of your home is thoroughly protected is very important to us. 

Step 3. Roof Decking Inspection
After the shingles are removed we inspect your decking for signs of rotting or decking that is no longer up to code . Any damaged or spaced decking will be replaced before we continue.

BIG C Roofing Steps

Step 4. Your New Roofing System is Installed
Installation with ice and water shield, synthetic felt underlayment, all vents, flashing, and new drip edge is all completed using local building codes.

Step 5. Cleaned As If We Were Never There
Our crew cleans up everything and does several sweeps of your lawn using a magnetic device insuring all nails are picked up.

Step 6. Quality Assurance After Completion
After your roofing installation is finished a Quality Assurance person will come out and inspect every aspect of the entire project.

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